Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership

Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

Is it really hard to cancel membership in Planet Fitness?

I don’t think so.

Actually they have some policies and procedures like others. They follow their own policies.

It’s true that their policies are different from others.

But it’s not so difficult at all, I think.

A person needs to write letters or visits the gym to cancel the membership with Planet Fitness.

Though it seems inconvenient for some people, it is legal.

Actually they want to ensure that the cancellation is legitimate. Also, they want to prevent unauthorized cancellation. 

That’s the reason they follow some policies.

Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership:

Planet Fitness requires a written letter or an in-person visit to make cancellations of any member. In this way they can verify the identity of the member easily and ensure the intention of the member behind the cancellation.

This procedure helps maintain the security of their membership system and ensure to reduce the risk of unauthorized cancellation.

There are some reasons behind following these policies. Such as-


When a person submit a written letter or visit the gym to request cancellation it can be a deterrent for canceling membership.

Verification and Documentation: 

These policies will ensure that the cancellation is legitimate and documented. They can easily verify the members identity and intentions through the written request of cancellation which provides a clear paper trail.

Sales Opportunities

Gym staff got an opportunity to persuade members to reconsider or offer alternative membership options when they visit Planet Fitness for cancellation. Which means potentially retaining the member.

Policy Consistency

For ensuring the consistency and compliance of the gym’s policies and terms of service it is important to implement a strong process of membership cancellation.


Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership? 

So, what do you think after knowing the reason behind Planet Fitness membership cancellation process?

Is it really hard? 

I hope you understand their policy and procedure. 

It’s important for them to ensure to decrease the risk of any fraudulent cancellations.

You must follow some policies whether you continue with Planet Fitness or any other gym.

Following policies is a good practice as an active member, I think.

Anyway, if you still have any inquiries then let us know about it through the comment section.

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