When does Planet Fitness charge monthly in 2024

When does Planet Fitness charge monthly?

Planet Fitness charges annual and monthly fees from their members for maintaining their gym costs.

From this fee they maintain their facilities for their members’ better experience.

Also, they upgrade their equipment so that members can get a more comfortable zone. 

All the related things to maintain the gym are gotten from their members’ fees.

Planet Fitness doesn’t take the same fees from all of their members. 

So, let’s know when Planet Fitness charges monthly from below.

When does Planet Fitness charge monthly

Planet Fitness is a popular gym in the USA. It has more than 2,200 locations across the U.S and has ample equipment.

It’s well known for their judgment free zone where the occasional athlete will feel comfortable navigating. 

It also provides weekly aerobic and cardio classe. This can work with your busy schedule.

Planet Fitness is known as a gym for the people who don’t like gyn, according to the New York Times.

Planet Fitness has 3 types of Membership. 

And the costs are not the same for all members. 

Let’s know the details about the types of membership in Planet Fitness. 

Black Card Members:

For a black card Membership you have to pay $1 to sign up. Annually they charge $49 from you. Monthly you have to give a $24.99 fee.

At any location around the world, 

This membership has reciprocity.

So, now you can work out on business trips or vacations without any tension. 

This card holder also granted unlimited use of massage chairs and tanning beds.

Also Planet Fitness offers 50% off drinks for this card holder.

You are also allowed to bring one guest per day for free if you have this card.

This membership is perfect for them who are planning on recruiting a gym buddy to motivate them.

Base Membership:

Base membership card holders have to pay a $49 startup fee. 

They charge $10 every month. Annual cost is $49 annual fee with a 12-month commitment.

This option seems to be a more cost-efficient option if you lose access to the rest of the aforementioned Black Card perks. And it means you have to pay extra for tanning beds, massage chairs and more.

Third – Tier no commitment membership:

This card holder has a $59 startup fee. 

They will charge a $49 annual fee and $15 a month. 

Planet Fitness every membership offers very specific deadlines and expiration dates. 

So, it is recommended for you to be sure to call a location near you to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible before signing up.


When does Planet Fitness charge monthly?

Hopefully, you have learned the answer to this question clearly.

Planet Fitness charges a fee from their members so that they can upgrade their equipment.

However, if you still have any doubt about Planet Fitness monthly fee then leave a comment below.

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