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Learn How to use treadmill at Planet Fitness

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We are all familiar with the treadmill Because the treadmill is the most popular fitness equipment in our busy lives. Not only at the gym, but many people buy treadmills to work out at home. 

Because many people think that this is the easiest way to lose fat very quickly or to control weight.

 But it is not necessary to run on the treadmill every morning and afternoon. Before that, you also need to know the rules of working out on the treadmill.

 Moreover, it cannot be guaranteed that running on a treadmill will reduce fat very quickly. The reality is that a treadmill workout is a low-intensity cardio workout. 

 Let’s get started and discuss the basic functionality of how to use treadmill at Planet Fitness.

Let’s Find out How to use treadmill at Planet Fitness:

To get started on manual workouts, just press the “quick start” button. The alternative stop clip can be close to your clothing. If your position on the treadmill changes suddenly, the machine stops.

 You can adjust your speed and incline using the arrow button to find a setting that is just right for you. Try to shoot for 20-30 minutes if you would like to do a full cardio workout. 

But start with whatever you are comfortable with in the time that you have. When you are finished with your workout, use the stop button or take out the safety key. Enjoy your workout!

Short tips: planet Fitness has several different types of treadmills, so they may look different from this one but they will all have the same basic functions we will discuss.

To use a treadmill at Planet Fitness, follow the steps below:

  • Warm-Up: Warm-up is essential before any exercise. In fact, the stronger the muscles, the greater the chance of injury. Warming up increases oxygen flow to the muscles.

As a result, the muscles become loose. It reduces the risk of injury. For this, experts recommend walking or jogging for at least 10 minutes before running.

  • Put on your treadmill: As soon as you’re prepared to begin working out, get on the treadmill and seat yourself in the middle of the walking belt. 

Make sure you have your shoulders back, your core active, and you stand tall. you’re in position, press the “Quick Start” button to begin the treadmill.

  • Use the Safety key and clip: It is essential that you utilize the safety clip that is fastened to the treadmill for your own protection.  If you lose your balance or fall off the treadmill, the safety key will turn it off.
  • Adjust the Incline: Many people incline the treadmill too much while running. it’s wrong This can put too much stress on the back, hips, and ankles.

 Many put it at two percent. They have to work harder. Experts say treadmills should not be inclined more than seven percent.

  • walking speed: You can’t walk very fast on a treadmill. First, walk slowly for a while and increase the speed. 

The treadmill speed can be increased from 4 to 5.5. Can’t stop suddenly while walking again. Drink light water occasionally while walking.

  • Use Comfortable shoes for running: The people run barefoot on the treadmill. It is dangerous. Shoes should always be worn.

Not too tight or too loose, comfortable. It will not burden the ankle. No knee pain either.

  • Not running on handrails: Many people have a habit of holding handrails while walking or running on the treadmill. 

It is only for getting on and off the treadmill safely. Not for walking or running. If it is held, the balance is lost.

  • How long will you walk: Those who are walking for the first time or starting after a long break, can start with 20 minutes. Walking can be done three to five days a week.

After two weeks of walking this rule can be done for 30 minutes and after a month it can be done for 60 minutes.

  • By age walking rules: Experts usually recommend walking on a treadmill from the age of 15. They can walk three days a week. 20 to 30-year-olds can run for a total of 150 minutes a week.

 It can be done little by little even if it is divided into seven days a week. Those who are over 40 years of age should walk a little harder, as the metabolism slows down at this time.

 And if you are over 50, you can walk for a maximum of 30 minutes five days a week.

. Cool Down: It’s important to properly cool down after an exercise to avoid injury and minimize pain in your muscles.

carefully reduce the speed and incline until you are walking at a comfortable pace. Continue walking until your heart rate returns to normal, which should take some minutes.

.Clean the treadmill: Regularly clean the body and dust under the body. It is recommended to wipe it lightly with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use acid cleaners.

Benefits of Using a treadmill:

  • Lose weight very quickly.
  • Calories burn fast.
  • It also strengthens the lower body muscles.
  • Helps control blood pressure.
  • Regulates heart rate.
  • Works to regulate blood triglyceride levels.
  • It is also beneficial for those with high cholesterol levels.
  • Works well to maintain oxygen efficiency levels in the body.
  • Helps control blood sugar levels.
  • For those suffering from osteoporosis, this session is beneficial.

Defenses for walking on treadmill:

  • Do not look around or up and down while walking, otherwise, you may fall Give full attention to walking
  • Do not get on a moving trade match, or stop the trade match suddenly, then you can get dizzy.
  • Don’t walk at a speed you can’t walk at.
  • Many people read books, magazines, etc. while walking in the trade, they are careful not to fall or have an accident while walking.
  • Those who are new to the trade may feel dizzy after walking in that case, you have to sit for a while and then do other work.

Warning: If there is pain in the muscles or tension in the veins, you should stop walking for a few days. And when the blood pressure is too high, it is still not possible to walk. 

In addition to all this, before using the treadmill, it is also necessary to know whether there is a problem related to muscle weakness anywhere in the body.


  • Is Planet Fitness good for beginners?

Apart from that, Planet Fitness is a serviceable place for fitness newbies.

 Probably in a few months, most people will outgrow it, but it’s a great position to work out in a gym and get used to learning how to use the different resistance machines.

  • How many calories are burned in how much time?

Walking briskly for 30 minutes burns 100 to 300 calories. Walking with arms and legs burns more calories.

 If you walk for an hour on the treadmill at 5 speeds, you will burn 300 to 500 calories. By doing this for 10 days, it is possible to lose 1 pound or half a kilogram.

  • How should a beginner use a treadmill?

Soft walking shoes are a must before stepping on the treadmill. Which will not cause foot pain even after walking for a long time. Clothing should be comfortable. Clothes that are too tight interfere with blood circulation while walking.

 In the case of girls, it is better not to board the machine wearing clothes with the veil. Before getting on the treadmill, do some bare-handed exercises to overcome body inertia.

Final words

All in all, treadmills are very beneficial for our overall health. The treadmill plays an important role in the circulation of all the muscles in our body. 

Exercising on a treadmill can cure many diseases in our body, starting from obesity. Work-from-home treadmills can be very convenient exercise equipment. 

With a small piece of practice and commitment, how to use Treadmill at Planet Fitness can be the best way to enhance your health and fitness level.

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