How To Change Step Goal On Apple Watch

For tracking your fitness on the iPhone, the Apple watch will be helpful. Setting step goals will keep track of your activity throughout the day.

But do you know how to change step goals on Apple watch? 

Well, I will write the process of changing the step goals on the Apple watch here.

So, keep reading the article till the end carefully.

Apple watches are super-efficient in tracking activities, calorie-burning, sleeping, and so on. 

You can change the activity goals, if you can’t really choose Apple Watch’s step goal to customize.

So let’s learn how to change step goals on Apple Watch in detail below.

Learn How to change step goal on Apple Watch

Step goals are very important for tracking fitness everyday. 

The app will help you reach your target everyday if you set your step goal.

Step goals and the widget system are compatible with each other. So, it will be easy to track the progress right on your home screen.

There will be no impact on your battery life because the app uses data from motion sensors.

Here is the process of changing step goals on the Apple watch. Hope you will be helpful from this.

First Step: Open the activity app first.

For changing step goals you have to open the app first. Click on the app and the app will be opened. A colorful icon of three activity rings represents this app.

Second Step: Check Your Current Goal

Swipe up the app once you open it then you will view your current step goal. Your current step goal will be displayed along with your progress for the day.

Third Step: Now Change Your Goal.

For changing your step goal first click on the current goal. Now you can see a screen will appear that will allow you to input your desired step count. Now set the goal as you want.

Final Step: Confirm The Changes.

After you finish your new step goal, confirm your selection. Now, your watch will track your progress towards this adjusted target.


So, this is the process of how to change step goals on Apple watch.

Hopefully, you have learned it very clearly. 

In planning customized workouts, changing step goals on Apple Watch is very useful.

However, if you want to know more about the importance and settings of step goals then feel free to contact us.

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