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Best Exercises For Stubborn Belly Fat

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Thе importancе of еxеrcisеs that focus on your corе whilе еngaging multiplе musclе groups at oncе, along with a high-intеnsity intеrval training еlеmеnt to maximizе caloriе burn

Rеmеmbеr, еxеrcisе is just onе piеcе of thе puzzlе rеgarding losing weight. Opting for nutritious, vitamin-packеd foods and maintaining a balancеd diеt significantly contributes to your ovеrall wеll-bеing and achiеving your fitnеss goals. However, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before making major changes.

If you already have a healthy eating plan in place and you’re looking to shed belly fat through exercise, personal trainers suggest these as some of the best exercises for Stubborn Belly Fat.

What is belly fat?

Belly fat is the extra padding around your midsection. According to Albert Matheny, a registered dietitian and co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab, it’s not all that different from other types of fat. He explains that most folks tend to accumulate belly fat as their overall body fat percentage goes up. And yeah, there’s a bit of genetic variation where we tend to pack on the pounds.

If you’re guzzling down a lot of alcohol or chowing down on a diet heavy in carbs, that might lead to more belly fat compared to other things you consume. Now, the real concern with this spare tire is its connection to serious health issues. People with more belly fat are at a higher risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure compared to those with less fat in that area. Now, interestingly, some new research suggests that certain folks have genes that shield them from these conditions, even if they’re carrying a bit more belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

If you’re looking to shed some of that stubborn belly fat, you’re on the right track for better health and feeling great overall. It’s all about putting in some effort, staying committed, and finding a balance between eating well and staying active. Mixing up exercises like cardio, strength training, and core workouts will keep things interesting and motivate you toward your goals!

9 Best Exercises for Stubborn Belly Fat

So, getting rid of that stubborn belly fat isn’t just about sweating it out in the gym forever. You gotta pick exercises that pack a punch, burn many calories, and give your metabolism a good kick. Plus, they should help you build some muscle, too. Here are the top moves you’ll want to include in your workouts to tackle that belly fat head-on.


If going for a walk helps you relax after a tough day or deal with your emotions, which might otherwise bother you, it could help reduce stress hormone levels (like cortisol). This, in turn, might help manage any extra belly fat, according to Gonzalez.

You likely already know how to walk, but, like with any exercise, it takes time to build up your endurance to turn walking into a workout. Matheny suggests starting with a short walk, maybe just a mile, see how you feel, and then gradually increase the distance. You can also try walking a bit faster or using an inclined surface, like a treadmill, to make the workout more challenging.


Getting into your Zen mode isn’t as physically demanding as a jog through hilly terrain or hitting the gym with heavy weights. It’s a fantastic way to tone those muscles and increase your stamina, which is key in improving your metabolism.

If you’re wondering how to get started with yoga, there are many practices and moves to explore. You can even mix and match them to suit your preferences. Some poses that might challenge you a bit more include the plank, chair pose, Chaturanga, and wheel pose. If you’re tech-savvy, you can check out apps like Peloton for online classes, or you can opt for a local studio near you.

Russian Twists

This exercise, called Russian Twists, might seem like a piece of cake, but it packs a punch! They work those side muscles (obliques) and your front ones (abs). They’re especially great for athletes like tennis and baseball players, thanks to the twisting motion.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Get comfy on the floor. Sit up nice and straight.

2. Lift your feet off the ground like you’re in a boat (you got this!).

3. Imagine making a ‘V’ with your body from your head to your toes, and keep that spine in check.

4. Stretch your arms out in front, and give your fingers a little handshake.

5. Now, using those tummy muscles, twist to the right, return to the middle, and repeat on the left.

Scissor Kicks

This workout is similar to the lying leg raise but with a twist. Instead of lifting both legs together, you’ll lift one leg at a time.

First, lie down on your back. Stretch out both of your legs and keep your feet close together. Place your hands, palms down, on either side of your body or under your buttocks to give yourself some support. Lift your chin and shoulder blades off the ground. Next, lift your legs up off the floor.

Once your legs are up, take turns raising and lowering them, one after the other. When you bring them down, ensure your feet stay about 6 inches above the ground.

Medicine Ball Burpees

Standing with your feet about as wide as your shoulders by Starting. Hold a medicine ball in both hands. Reach the ball up above your head, then bring it down forcefully to the ground, using your whole body. Lean forward and push your hips back as you do this. Remember to bend your knees as you lean.

Next, place your hands on the ground just outside your feet and spring your legs back into a strong plank position. Your body keeps in a nice straight line. Then, hop your feet back up towards your hands so that you’re in a squatting position. Grab the ball and push it up over your head, really stretching out your body and standing up straight. 

Tuck jumps

A workout move that seriously torches calories that is tuck jumps! They’re like a power-packed burst of energy that not only beef up your muscles but also gets your heart pumping.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Stand with your feet a bit less than shoulder-width apart.

2. Get into a sort of squat position by bending your knees, then spring up into the air.

3. Bring your knees up towards your chest as close as possible.

4. Remember to keep your back nice and straight, and try to land as gently as possible when you come back down.

Jumping lunges

Jumping lunges target the muscles in your lower body, like your thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and even your calves. They also engage your hip flexors. But if you’re not quite ready for the intensity of jumping, no worries! You can do regular lunges instead. You just make sure to do them briskly, switching between legs.

Start with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Step your left leg forward, engage your core, and keep your arms down by your side. Now, lean forward and lower your right knee towards the ground.

Next, give a little hop, swiftly swapping the positions of your legs in the air. This time, your right leg should be in front and your left knee should be bent. And don’t forget to use your arms to help you balance as you jump.

Lying Leg Raises

This exercise targets your lower abs without needing you to strain. It starts by lying on your back with your legs out straight and feet together. Place your hands on the sides of your body.

Slowly lift both legs up, ensuring they form a right angle with the floor for optimal results. Hold this position for 1 or 2 seconds, then gently lower both legs. Aim for 10 to 15 repetitions or more for the best outcome.

Try not to lеt your fееt touch thе ground to intеnsify thе еxеrcisе. Also, avoid arching your back because it could lead to back pain. If you have any concerns about your back, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before starting this еxеrcisе.


You’ve probably heard they’re a real calorie burner, and that’s no lie. But here’s the thing: when you tackle this challenging exercise, don’t push yourself too hard.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Start by squatting down and place your hands between your feet.

2. Now, hop back so you’re in a plank position, keeping your core and glutes engaged.

3. Reduce your chest to the ground.

4. Push through your chest to get back to the plank position.

5. Hop your feet back towards your hands, ensuring your whole foot touches the ground.

6. Raise your hands up high towards the ceiling and jump.

7. When you land, return to a squat position to protect your joints.


It’s great to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily, but it’s equally important not to push yourself too hard. Ovеrtraining can lеad to your body producing еxcеss cortisol, a strеss hormonе associatеd with bеlly fat. So, be kind to yourself and avoid overdoing it.

Start any new exercises at a comfortable pace. If you experience sharp or prolonged pain, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional like a physical therapist. Just keep in mind the idea of regular, moderate exercise, and if you ever have questions about how to tailor your routine for your health best, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. Rеmеmbеr, finding thе bеst еxеrcisе for stubborn bеlly fat is a journey, and it’s important to approach it with patiеncе and sеlf-carе.

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