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The FiTS team consists of around 20 people in the heart of Germany who are a little (fitness-) crazy. We have combined big data, psychology and user experience to create the most important platform for personalized behavior modification. And that will stir up the entire fitness industry. We want to help people get fit without being obsessive ― and be accessible to everyone.


In our team we speak seven different languages and work together on FiTS from all over Europe. Every one of us is a specialist in their area of expertise, enjoys facing challenges on a regular basis and is good at solving problems. We do a lot to make sure we have a good time together ― because that's what makes tackling complex issues fun.

  • Santosh Komaragiri
    Santosh Komaragiri UI/UX Designer
  • Kathrin Sommerfeld
    Kathrin Sommerfeld Product Experience Manager
  • Thomas Herrle
    Thomas Herrle System Administrator
  • Björn Sternsdorf
    Björn Sternsdorf Head of Product FiTS
  • Philipp Brühl
    Philipp Brühl Sport Scientist
  • Sarah Teschner
    Sarah Teschner Communications Manager
  • Björn Pauli
    Björn Pauli System Administrator
  • Michael Koch
    Michael Koch Senior Frontend Developer
  • Jana Schirmaier
    Jana Schirmaier Junior Product Manager
  • Konstantin Gavras
    Konstantin Gavras Data Scientist
  • Alexander Werling
    Alexander Werling Data Scientist
  • Christian Moreau
    Christian Moreau Data Scientist
  • Michael Baumann
    Michael Baumann Senior Java Developer
  • Alexander Karle
    Alexander Karle Senior Java Developer
  • Joni Hahkala
    Joni Hahkala Android Developer
  • Harald Holzer
    Harald Holzer CEO
  • Andreas Fendl
    Andreas Fendl Head of Product Development

Job postings

We are always looking for people who want to join us in our mission. Feel free to send us an unsolicited application, or apply to one of our job listings.