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FiTS – Create healthy habits and stick to it

To life a healthier life it takes more than just will or goals. It´s about bridging the intention behavior gap. You need to re-code your brain. No matter if you want to stop an unwanted behavior or start a wanted one. The best way to do so is by taking baby-steps. Having a positive mind. And by being useful within every day life. That´s why FiTS supports you creating healthy habits and stick to it.

FiTS makes you fitter

We don't believe in rigid training schedules. They are supposed to adapt to you, not the other way around. We create your initial individual training recommendation based on your personal motivation and the obstacles you identify.

This recommendation will change from session to session, based on the nature and extent of your progress and the feedback you give us. And the best part is that you don't need any special equipment for any of these exercises: you work with your own body weight.

Voice guidance

To make things as easy as possible for you to do a workout using your smartphone, we offer voice guidance in real time, featuring you tips and directions about the tempo and how to do the exercises properly.

Exercise as long and as often as you like

You can configure your training routine by yourself and select a training frequency and duration that fits your everyday life. That’s how you can schedule your workouts in whatever way suits you best. If something comes up for you on short notice or you simply can't get yourself to work out on a certain day, you can simply do the scheduled session on another day.

Adaptive training program

Your profile information and the feedback you provide after every workout are used to customize a workout especially for you based on your fitness level by means of the adaption of our parameterisable data (number of reps, intensity, breaks and degree of difficulty). FiTS composes a session based on a selection of over 150 different exercises. We even go so far as to adapt the concentric, eccentric and isometric phases of the individual exercises so we can adapt them to your current fitness level and the right training principle.

Integrated feedback loop

After each session, you give FiTS feedback about the workout – if you want, even for every single exercise. And if there's an exercise you really don't like, it's no problem at all to skip it in each of your future workouts.

Your feedback helps us to customize the next training session even better to you and your goals.

FiTS is for getting fit without being obsessive

Enough with nonsensical promises about a six-week program to get a bikini body, six-pack abs, or what have you. Not only do those strategies not work, changes like that never happen from one day to the next. With your profile information and the feedback you provide after every workout we can support you as ideally as possible throughout the process. We like to think of it as getting fit without being obsessive ― on a more personalized and regular basis.

FiTS is fair

After registration, you can use FiTS and test all of its premium features for 14 days free of charge. After that, you may choose one of our subscriptions to continue.

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